1. Download the PuTTY program.

2. Open (or Run) the program.

3. On the Session Screen change the “Connection Type” to “Serial”.

4. After you have changed the Connection Type to Serial, now change the “Serial Line” to the know comport that the HN-210 Radio Modem is connected to. In our example we will change it to COM3.

5. Now select “Terminal” (from the list on the left) and place a check next to “Implicit CR in every LF” and place a check next to “Implicit LF in every CR”. Now click “Open”.

6. A black terminal window should open and the name of the radio unit should appear.
Example: REMOTE [08 55 56] net, Inc (c) 2004

This means that the radio modem has responded to the computer and most likely the radio modem on the building side is good. The cause of the problem is at the sign.

7. If the black terminal window that opens is blank, this mean the radio modem did not respond to the computer. The cause of the problem could be the radio modem is bad, the cable going from radio modem to the HN-232 device is bad, the HN-232 is bad or the cable from the HN-232 device to the computer is bad.

8. You can now close the connection.