EDS Sign, E.D.S. Sign, Electronic Display Systems

Support for E.D.S. signs, Electronic Display Systems signs, SigncoEDS signs and EDS LED signs. We can help you with question about the System One software (Sysone), Dsign Xpress (DX) software and DsignXpress Full Color (DXFC) software. We can help with hardware questions.


Click here for SigncoEDS products support.


Click here for Electronic Display Systems (EDS) products support.



Need help with Signco-EDS sign or Electronic Display Systems sign, then give us a call or send us an email

800-445-9206 ext.1

800-445-9206 ext.2



Electronic Display Systems (EDS) was based in Grand Island Nebraska until SignCo purchased E.D.S. in 2007 and in 2009 SigncoEDS moved from Grand Island to Lincoln Nebraska. We are now located in Kalispell, Montana



 Last updated October 17, 2018