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Temporally connect the Antenna in a vehicle for testing the sign communications
Items that are needed
Original antenna that was on the building (or other antenna that was provided).
The small white power injector that the antenna was attached to (with power adapter).
Two CAT5 cables.EthernetPort
Power inverter that can be plugged into a vehicle.
Laptop with DXFC sign software installed (and available network port).
IP address of the sign (If you do not know the IP address of the sign please call us at 800-445-9206).
Steps to take:
1. Change the network settings on the laptop. Here is a LINK that will help with changing the network card settings. Only need to change the "IP address" and the "Subnet mask" the other fields can be left blank. It can not be the same address of the sign, just make your laptop IP address is one number higher than the sign. Once you have the IP and Subnet changed, close all the network configuration windows.
2. Plug a CAT 5 cable into the antenna and the other end into the CPE port of the small white power injector. 
3. Point antenna towards sign, do not leave the antenna in your lap, as it does emit electromagnetic radiation.
4. Plug the other CAT 5 cable into the PC port on the small white power injector and the other end into the laptop. 
5. Then plug the power for the small white power injector into the power inverter. It may take a minute for the antenna to boot up.
6. Using communication option in the DXFC software try to connect to the sign.
If you can not connect to the sign, restart the sign. Using the main breaker to the sign, turn it off for 10 second then turn back on. After 90 seconds try and establish communications to the sign again.

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