Support for EDS and SignCo-EDS signs and products

Mark all bad pixels (pixels strips)

Mark Bad Pixels

Remove the 6 quarter inch nuts. When removing the panel pull out the bottom of the panel first.

Remove the six nuts

Remove cables that are attached to panel.

Remove Cables

Unplug the cables that go to the bad pixel strip.

Unplug Cable Going To Bad Pixels Strip

Remove plastic nuts that hold the circuit board to the panel.

Remove Plastic Nuts

Move the circuit board to one side and remove the screws that are holding the bad pixels strip to the panel. On some models you will have to remove more of the cable that go to pixels strips so that you can move to circuit board to one side.

Move Board to Left

Move circuit board to other side and remove other screws to bad pixel strip.

Move Board To Right

From the front side remove bad pixel strip and replace it with the new one.

Remove Pixel Bar

Pull wires all the way through. Make sure wire are not between panel and pixel strip.

Pull All The Way

Please Note: When placing the panel back onto sign, make sure you do not have any wires between panel and the sign.

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